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greek yogurt 52 ways: #39 watergate salad

greek yogurt 52 ways: # 39 watergate salad
You may remember that I have a project right now to make Greek yogurt 52 ways. After I completed my 52 sandwiches project some years ago, I needed a new project. I read Emma's Greek Yogurt: 4 Ways on A Beautiful Mess at that time and I was so inspired I made all 4 of her recipes that very week. She commented on how some of the recipes would be good as afternoon snacks or light desserts. I jumped on her light dessert idea as I have a major sweet tooth and I decided to try Greek yogurt 52 ways.

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I've experimented with a few Greek yogurt dessert recipes within the past year during my inadvertent, blog sabbatical (that's what I'm calling it now because it sounds like I'm more sophisticated than I really am). The one I'm sharing today is a current favorite- a healthy twist on the Watergate salad. If you haven't heard of this "salad," it's traditionally made with pistachio pudding, crushed pineapple, pistachios or pecans, marshmallows, and whipped cream. How it correlates to the Watergate Hotel, or more infamously, the Watergate Scandal, is not certain. There are multiple theories, but nothing conclusive.

All I know for sure is that this "salad" is delicious. The truth is I haven't had the real stuff. You know, like the one your grandma makes? Or the one in the deli at your grocery store? Because I haven't had the original, I am not comparing this recipe to anything. It stands alone for me and I really like it!
greek yogurt 52 ways: #39 watergate salad
First I mix in 1/4 of the box of sugar free pistachio pudding (that's 8 grams if you weigh your portions as I sometimes do) with a 1/2 cup of plain, Greek yogurt until they're well-blended. Then I mix in a 1/2 cup of drained, crushed pineapple without added sugar.
greek yogurt 52 ways: #39 watergate salad
Finally, I gently fold in fat free whipped cream.
greek yogurt 52 ways: #39 watergate salad
And that's it!
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 39 watergate salad\
I don't add marshmallows though that's how the real stuff is made. I have had it with the marshmallows and don't feel like they're necessary. But if you feel they're necessary, you can always add them, of course.

Let me know if you it!

Have any Greek yogurt, dessert (or breakfast!) recipes you'd like to share? Please leave your recipes or links in the comments. :)

If you try a recipe I share, be sure to let me know! Use the hashtag: #greekyogurt52ways.
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 39 watergate salad

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