Wednesday, February 22, 2017

currently in february

currently in february 2017
(Printable Pineapple 2017 calendar)

looking for another book to read for my virtual book club. We read The Mountain Between Us last year. (By the way, the expected release date for the film is October 20, 2017. If you read along with us, I hope you'll watch the film for some follow up questions. There's still time to read it, too, if you'd like! :) I'm thinking about reading another book being made into a movie this year. Check out 21 Books to Read Before They're 2017 Movies by Shannon Vestal Robson and if you're thinking about joining us, let me know what you'd like to read.

wanting to paint all the things. I don't typically like to paint anything (it's so messy), so I need to move forward with this feeling quickly before the feeling goes away. I'm thinking I'd like to paint our bedroom a charcoal color. "Embrace darker colors" is one of Grace Bonney's 10 Ways to Make Any Room Feel Cozier.

considering lowering my thermostat at night after reading that colder temperatures help one sleep better via Danyelle Mathews' The Importance of a Nightly Routine. Also- nighttime routines have been on my mind after reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. She stressed the importance of wearing pajamas to bed instead of exercise clothing or everyday clothes because our bodies listen to what we put on them. It makes sense that one's body can't rest well after wearing the same thing that was worn all day. 

absorbing this advice: "When you reach a certain age, never put anything on your face that came from a tube. Or a bottle. Certainly never a pump. Just jars, honey. Just jars." But even more so to this: "Here’s how you can look younger than you: Decide to.
Slather on the non-drying retinol formula because you want to, because it smells good or feels rich and moisturizing or helps you wind down after a long, hard day. Write a few sentences in your gratitude journal. Brush your teeth. Jump on the bed; find Build Me Up, Buttercup on Spotify and sing into your hairbrush with a toddler. Let the day be finished; dance it away." -Just Jars by Erin Loechner

learning how (what) (and who) to prioritize. I find that it's getting more difficult as I get older. How to Prioritize When Everything is Important by Kate Arends is a good place to start.

making time for more date nights with Jesse. We went to see La La Land this past weekend. I'm not a big fan of musicals (sorry), but La La Land was amazing. I was close to crying watching the trailer just now. Looking forward to the Oscar's this weekend! Molly Madfis' Printable 2017 Oscar Ballot is super cool.

reflecting on authenticity, success, love and how they all correlate to a fulfilling life (has been on my mind after watching La La Land).

binge-watching House of Cards and The Office. I recently completed The OA, a Netflix original series this month. I was on the edge of my seat; it was intense. If you watched, what did you think of it? I also recently finished Downton Abbey with my sister. We had the final season to watch and just got around to it.

planning to surprise Jesse with breakfast before work date soon. Great idea from Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott: 5 Romantic Date Ideas to Maximize Your Quality Time.

feeling the grace in Margarita Tartakovsky's Are You Yearning to be the Perfect Package? Takeaway: "It’s OK to be human, to contain multitudes and contradictions, to quit conforming to a distorted culture."

sticking with no social media browsing before noon and at bedtime. I should probably cut this out altogether. (I stuck with this goal I set in January).

drinking this tropical, green smoothie for breakfast for the last several days. I forgot how refreshing and not green it tastes. ;)

eating breakfast, waffle sandwiches for dinner maybe a little too often. It's rare that we all unanimously like the same meal though! I haven't been making the waffles from scratch. (#lazy) We've been buying Eggos (the advertising worked on us, Stranger Things!) and using breakfast links instead of bacon. I like these new waffle sandwiches better than the original ones.

itching to get my space in order after reading Laura Gummerman's Tips for Organizing Your Craft Space. (I like the idea of finding unique storage options. I use tray baskets quite a bit in my craft space).

trying hard not to overthink things. Sometimes things take me 3x as long because I'm thinking too much about it. Tell me I'm not the only one...

Hope you have a good one!