Tuesday, August 2, 2016

summer break diary 2016: week #4

My daughters are currently on summer break. I am planning to do one, fun activity with them every day of their summer break. I will be documenting our various projects together and sharing them here every week and possibly more detailed projects within the week. This is our fourth summer doing this. 

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summer break diary 2016: week # 4
summer break diary 2016: week # 4
summer break diary 2016: week # 4
summer break diary 2016: week # 4
On Sunday, day 24, my parents invited us over to their house. We enjoyed dinner together (you guessed it- we had pizza, which makes this a fun activity. You know how I roll. ;)

On Monday, day 25, we invited our friends' daughters, who are good friends with our daughters, to go swimming at my sister's place. The girls had a blast. :)

On Tuesday, day 26, my girls went to the library and watched a juggling show with my mom and then went to her house for dinner. (She took the picture above).

On Wednesday, day 27, we did our everyday activities and had something planned in the evening, but our plans changed when we went to visit family in the hospital. (The picture of the stars is from the waiting room at the hospital).

On Thursday, day 28, we went over to our friends' home for dinner and for our girls to play on their slip n slide with their girls. That was a hit.

On Friday, day 29, our girls went back to our friends' home while Jesse and I went on a date.

On Saturday, day 30, we went to the drive-in and watched The BFG and Finding Dory (again). (Both were very cute).

It's been a lax summer so far as you can probably tell. I haven't been taking many pictures or putting that much energy into hands on projects. *shrug* I guess a quieter summer came more naturally this year. I'm trying to go with it and not feel like there's something I'm "supposed to" be doing.

Thank you reading along. :)

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