Monday, August 15, 2016

five on monday

five on monday
Happy Monday! As you know (or don't if you're new here) I typically post "Five on Friday" links- those which inspired me or I enjoyed reading this week. I've been slowly getting back into blogging. I don't have the best consistency, yet. Hope you don't mind me sharing 5 links today instead of this past Friday. :)

Here are my 5 from last week:

1. Make Your Own Personalized Photo Ring Dish! by Laura Gummerman | cute project!

2. Do You Have the Same Love Language as Your Partner? by Gal Szekely | I've read The Five Love Languages before and am rereading it to refresh my memory.

3. 25 Popsicle Recipes Your Family Will Love by Jessica Turner | yum!

4. 6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Happiness by Steven Schwanitz | good list!

5. 100 Pep Talks by Elise Cripe | Elise shared 100 pep talks as a challenge on Instagram (#100daysofelisepeptalks). I enjoyed reading along. She created a book of her pep talks- really cool.

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  1. Hi dear! Im from Brazil and im doing my list 32 things to do before turning 32 - so I was searching for a nice picture to put on my post and i found your blog, as comments are not allowed on that post, i just write you to tell that im using your picture, if its a problem, just let me now. Anyways i loved your blog! :)