Monday, August 15, 2016

five on monday

five on monday
Happy Monday! As you know (or don't if you're new here) I typically post "Five on Friday" links- those which inspired me or I enjoyed reading this week. I've been slowly getting back into blogging. I don't have the best consistency, yet. Hope you don't mind me sharing 5 links today instead of this past Friday. :)

Here are my 5 from last week:

1. Make Your Own Personalized Photo Ring Dish! by Laura Gummerman | cute project!

2. Do You Have the Same Love Language as Your Partner? by Gal Szekely | I've read The Five Love Languages before and am rereading it to refresh my memory.

3. 25 Popsicle Recipes Your Family Will Love by Jessica Turner | yum!

4. 6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Happiness by Steven Schwanitz | good list!

5. 100 Pep Talks by Elise Cripe | Elise shared 100 pep talks as a challenge on Instagram (#100daysofelisepeptalks). I enjoyed reading along. She created a book of her pep talks- really cool.

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  1. Hi dear! Im from Brazil and im doing my list 32 things to do before turning 32 - so I was searching for a nice picture to put on my post and i found your blog, as comments are not allowed on that post, i just write you to tell that im using your picture, if its a problem, just let me now. Anyways i loved your blog! :)

    1. I'm happy you liked my photo from the post When you use someone else's picture, it is appropriate to give credit to the photographer.
      In the future if you would like to use my photo, please ask and wait for a response.
      Hope your project was successful!