Wednesday, July 13, 2016

summer break diary 2016 : week #2

My daughters are currently on summer break. I am planning to do one, fun activity with them every day of their summer break. I will be documenting our various projects together and sharing them here every week and possibly more detailed projects within the week. This is our fourth summer doing this. 

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summer break diary 2016 : week # 2
summer break diary 2016 : week # 2
summer break diary 2016 : week # 2
(my mother-in-law, my friend Susie, and my sister-in-law Jenna shared some of these pictures with me :)

On Sunday, day 10, we went to my sister-in-law Jenna's college graduation. To celebrate, her mom kindly hosted a get together at her home after the graduation. Pizza is always deemed a fun activity by me. ;) Plus, my girls got to visit my alma mater and get free cookies and juice from the psych department. (The little things count!)

On Monday, day 11, we cleaned all day long (fun!), so I ended up owing my girls for today.

On Tuesday, day 12, my mother-in-law came over to visit and stay with us for the rest of the week. (That's why we were cleaning- I behaved like this on Monday). That night we went to dinner together. Earlier in the day, my mom took my girls to the library for the first program of the summer.

On Wednesday, day 13, we went to watch Zootopia with my MIL. My MIL kindly treated us to manicures and pedicures later in the day. My girls loved that.

On Thursday, day 14, we headed out to Devil's Punchbowl to picnic and shop in the nearby city (the shops are adorable).

On Friday, day 15, we went to see Finding Dory (so cute).

On Saturday, day 16, we played games together on the last day of my MIL's stay. My girls especially enjoyed playing Mafia. Lani introduced us to that game.

Another fun, memorable week in the books. :)


  1. "People cannot know we SIT!!!" *insert crying of laughter emoji here*

    Love all of the activities :)