Tuesday, May 24, 2016

april 2016 recap

Every month- towards the end of the month- I recap my monthly activities and goals and link to various personal blog posts.

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april goals
Hey there! It has been very quiet around here. My blog has been quiet, but my "real life" hasn't. We're coming to the end of my daughters' school year- there's so much to do/wrap up AND we're all feeling sluggish. 

April was a full month in my personal life... my daughter had a birthday. We celebrated by hosting a sleepover for her and her friends. They made ice cream cupcakes (I'll share a tutorial soon), watched a scary movie with too much junk food, screamed shrilly up and down my house, had a pillow fight, and stayed up ridiculously late. (I may still be recovering from the sleepover, in fact).

I also went to Artisanal LA with my good friend in April. It was fun. There were plenty of artisan treats to be sampled. My favorite shops included Indie Jams (clever branding and sweet "jams"), Broadway Baker (one of the few things I purchased included their grandma's mix-up bars- yum!), Hello Sweetie Pies (adorable pies on a stick), and Bertha Mae's Brownie Co. (phenomenal brownies).
april recap
I was especially happy to receive this "Makers gonna make" tote and cute buttons and you know I have a thing for pretty business cards:
currently in april
Another highlight this month was meeting the author Rainbow Rowell at the Yallwest Fierce Friday event and having her sign my copy of Eleanor & Park and postcards featuring Eleanor & Park artwork.
2016-04-30 12.47.27 1
I shared my thoughts on Eleanor & Park in my last book report. I'm in the middle of Fangirl right now. (Loving it!)

Last month I also crossed a few things off of my spring manifesto including "Go to a craft fair" (see above), "Go out with a friend," "Go the the library," "Sit outside at a cafe." My sisters and I met up at a cafe for an early dinner and chatted over sandwiches, pastries, and coffee.
april recap
It was SO NICE!

(P.S. I've been missing sandwiches lately now that I'm not doing my 52 sandwiches project anymore).

Anyway, though my personal life was busy, I was more quiet than usual on the blog. Thank you to those of you who asked if I was okay. I am! ;)
book club :: the mountain between us | discussion questions (chapters 1 - 13)
I started my first book club in April on my blog. We read The Mountain Between Us. I shared discussion questions every Wednesday. I was happy to see some of you participating. 

Now I am thinking about the next book for the book club.

In April, I shared the news that my sister Jasmine and brother-in-law Oscar are expecting their first baby.
a kinda unorthodox list of newborn baby must-haves
I also reshared my Unorthodox List of Newborn Baby Must-Haves.
april recap
As far as my goals for April, this is how I did:

  • Read The Mountain Between Us
    • I will be listing the first set of questions this Wednesday, April 6th, for chapters 1-13. I hope you will be joining me. 
      • I did! :) 
  • Wake up early every day
    • I had been waking up early for a couple of months, but fell back into my old habit of fighting with my snooze button. 
      • I didn't do very well with this. 
  • Spring clean Sunday morning
    • I got up to this past Sunday to spring clean. I was happy to do something productive and still relax for some of the day.
      • Nope.
  • Get serious- work on our garden
    • I have high hopes for a nice garden this year. :)
      • We did clean up the garden area and prepare the soil.
  • Continue working on my spring manifesto.
    • I'm really looking forward to reading in the sunshine.
      • I did. :)
    I didn't do so great this month, but oh well. That's how it goes sometimes.