Friday, April 1, 2016

five on friday

Happy April!
five on friday
(from our trip to the zoo during spring break)

I have 5+ links to share with you. :)

1. Will you be reading The Mountain Between Us for my book club this month? I plan to read 13 chapters a week and will list a couple of discussion questions every Wednesday. You can, of course, read at your pace and look over the discussion questions when you're ready. I will be listing the first set of questions this Wednesday, April 6th.

2. Jesse isn't the biggest fan of questionnaires, but that's okay. He'll be answering these this weekend: 20 Questions to Connect with Yourself and Someone Else by Margarita Tartakovsky. ;)

3. Emma's Home Office on A Beautiful Mess is colorful and fun!

4. As you know, I set monthly goals. You can set goals whenever you'd like, as well! Take this advice into consideration when you do: The 5 Unspoken Principles Of Goal Setting by Tom Casano.

5. Finally, The Internet is Not Real Life by Lisa Congdon (via).

Hope you have a good one!

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