Friday, April 22, 2016

five on friday

five on friday
(My daughter got several coloring pages, markers, and other art supplies from her friends for her birthday).

I have 5+ links to share with you!

1. I loved Eleanor & Park so much- I bought this postcard set this week.

2. I'm currently obsessed with bedroom makeovers. Molly Madfis' bedroom is definitely "cozy and calming and grown up." That woven blanket is gorgeous!

3. Tracy Benjamin is speaking my love language: Keeping Creativity Alive. She brilliantly says: "Over the past few years I’ve honored this part of myself- the part of myself that firmly believes that I must respect my creative spirit in order to be happy. If I don’t respect this, everything in my life tends to fall apart."

4. I came across a new blog this week: "So What I Really Meant" by Dr. Alison Poulsen. I especially appreciated the "Dividing Up Household Chores" topic.

5. I was immensely humbled and inspired by this thought from the podcast episode When God is Late on Your Move by Andy Stanley: "There is nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing He can't do" (at the 25:10 min. mark).

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