Tuesday, April 12, 2016

currently in april

currently in april
celebrating Evie's 10th birthday. We'll be hosting a sleepover for her friends this weekend.

making ice cream cake like a boss. (This is the best cake idea EVER).

reading The Rosie Effect. It's picking up steam. The Rosie Project was just so good.

analyzing The Mountain Between Us. I finished reading it last week, guys. I have several questions ready for every Wednesday still. #sorrynotsorry ;)

dreaming about this pear tarragon jam I tried at Artisanal LA. The vendor talked about putting it on top of salmon. I can't stop thinking about how good that would be. I'm gonna buy some soon.

appreciating the time spent with my good friend Kerri. We've been friends since middle school (20 years!).

working on my spring manifesto. It's been wet because of the rain. (Not complaining. I love the rain). When it clears up, I'll be laying on the grass, reading in the sunshine.

laughing at Juli putting sentences together and mimicking the things I say. We were in the car this morning at drop off. Juli was trying to grab a piece of trash when she said, "I told you..." exactly like I would say it. She was probably thinking I would say "I told you not to touch that!" When Lani and I started laughing, she got very upset. She does NOT like being laughed at, which is also funny.

eating Del Taco grilled chicken tacos and...

drinking Del Taco's strawberry lemonade. I'm kinda hooked right now.

staying away from coffee (sadly) because my stomach has been bothering me lately.

looking forward to summer break with my girls. It's only a couple of weeks away!

rereading Enemies of the Heart. (It might as well be therapy).

watching The Office almost every night. I first binge watched when Juli was a newborn and I had to rock, nurse, soothe at all hours of the night. (Torture! ;) I forgot so much and am enjoying this go around... Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

managing my energy and learning to set boundaries with myself and others.

writing my daily goals down every day. It helps keep me on track.

needing to share my craft cart with you. It's so nice. Jesse did a good job. I need to take pictures, but I'm not used to taking pictures of furniture

listening to the Freakonomics podcast lately. I've linked to this episode before. I really liked it.

also listening to the Andy Stanley Leadership podcast. The Keystone Habits episode is the reason I picked up the book The Power of Habit.

wishing you a good rest of your evening! :)

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