Wednesday, April 13, 2016

book club :: the mountain between us | discussion questions (chapters 14 - 26)

book club :: the mountain between us | discussion questions (chapters 14 - 26)
I'm reading The Mountain Between Us in April and have invited you to read along if you'd like. :) Every Wednesday in April, I will be listing a couple of discussion questions about the chapters we were supposed to read. I plan to read 13 chapters a week. It's about 100 pages or so. You can, of course, read at your pace and look over the discussion questions when you're ready.
  1. "This land is harsh and unforgiving, beautiful and magnificent yet unbending. Biting cold one second, hot the next, frigid the next" (p. 154). Consider the wilderness setting as symbolic for life. What are the challenges in the wilderness / in life? 
  2. "Never make it without the compass. In the trees, I'd lose all sense of perspective. Direction. Maybe life is like that" (p.164). Is the compass symbolic? If so, for what?
  3. Why would the author choose to make Ashley immobile with a broken leg? What is Ben to learn from her dependency?
Feel free to answer any or all questions in the comments. You can also ask your own questions or bring up another topic/discussion starter. I will be commenting, as well, and replying to all comments left. (If you leave a comment at a later time- when you've gotten around to reading this section- I will still reply to your comment within the comments section. Again, feel free to go at your own pace).

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  1. 1. Challenges in the wilderness & in life..."This land is harsh & unforgiving." Life is hard and some people are unforgiving. "Beautiful & magnificent yet unbending". Great moments and great times happen in life, yet God's plan trumps all.

    2. I would say the compass is symbolic for God. Without God it is easy to lose perspective and direction.

    3. I feel Ashley needed to be immobile with a broken leg, so we could see what a great doctor Ben was and Ashley could see what real love does. Ben learned how to love unconditionally rather than selfishly.

    1. 1. I loved that quote from the book. I do think that he was getting at that life is hard.

      2. I definitely think the compass was symbolic for God.

      3. I think Ben was meant to be a hero. We see so much of his strength. I would have liked to see more of Ashley's.