Wednesday, April 6, 2016

book club :: the mountain between us | discussion questions (chapters 1 - 13)

I'm reading The Mountain Between Us in April and have invited you to read along if you'd like. Every Wednesday in April, I will be listing a couple of discussion questions about the chapters we were supposed to read. I plan to read 13 chapters a week. It's about 100 pages or so. You can, of course, read at your pace and look over the discussion questions when you're ready.
book club :: the mountain between us | discussion questions (chapters 1 - 13)
  1. We have been introduced to four marriage/engagement relationships so far: Grover and his wife Gayle; Ben and his wife Rachel; Ashley and her fiancĂ©; and Ben's father and mother. What are the differences in each relationship? What are the similarities? 
  2. Consider the role of humor in the novel thus far. What is it teaching us about the characters?
  3. Ben asks Ashley: "What hurts?" One of the things she says is "my heart." (p. 58). The characters are experiencing physical pain from their injuries. There are also emotional pains that have been introduced. What do we know so far about Ben's emotional pain and Ashley's emotional pain? How will the pain connect them?
  4. An excerpt from a conversation between Ben and Rachel before they were married (or even dating) about improving her running technique. She begins: "'And you can fix this?' [Ben responds:] 'Well . . . I can't really fix it. You do that. But I can run alongside you and help you see it differently. Maybe help you find a rhythm that will cause you to lengthen it. Like running down a sidewalk- you naturally either start trying to land on the crack or miss it. Run with someone who has a longer stride, and then let your brain kick in. Either way, your stride adjusts without your thinking about it'" (p. 43). Is this only supposed to be interpreted within the running context or does it have applications beyond that? If so, what's the underlying meaning?
  5. What are the differences between Ashley and Rachel? What are the similarities?