Monday, April 4, 2016

april 2016 goals

april goals
That's my Get to Work Book.

At the beginning of every month, I look over my overarching goals/projects/resolutions for the year. This year I hope to blog often; read at least 15 min. every day; exercise (incorporate strength/interval training 3x a week and reach 10,000 steps a day); document our memories; declutter and "redecorrange" our home; meal prep; eat mindfully (eat more greens + vegetables and eat healthy desserts); drink more water; embrace routine; keep a prayer journal; get out alone; get out with each of my family members (for one on one time); and write fun, seasonal manifestos.*

In April I plan to:
  • Read The Mountain Between Us
    • I will be listing the first set of questions this Wednesday, April 6th, for chapters 1-13. I hope you will be joining me. 
  • Wake up early every day
    • I had been waking up early for a couple of months, but fell back into my old habit of fighting with my snooze button. 
  • Spring clean Sunday morning
    • I got up to this past Sunday to spring clean. I was happy to do something productive and still relax for some of the day.
  • Get serious- work on our garden
    • I have high hopes for a nice garden this year. :)
  • Continue working on my spring manifesto.
    • I'm really looking forward to reading in the sunshine.
      *I blogged about each of those goals in more detail at the beginning of the year: January 2016 Goals. I set monthly goals to get more specific with my yearly goals. There may be something specifically inspiring me this month, for example, that won't work (or I'm not feeling) at another time of the year. I talked about my goal-setting process in more detail: Goal- Setting: 2016

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