Tuesday, March 22, 2016

spring manifesto 2016

I got almost all of the activities done on my winter manifesto. I enjoyed going through the list and having it inspire so many of my activities- especially my weekend activities. Last time I talked about my manifestos, I mentioned that I want to write a manifesto for each season this year.  These aren't big project or goals. They are fun, simple, seasonal activities.
2016 spring manifesto
(Click to enlarge... the list is also below!)

This spring I would like to:

-Have a picnic at the park.
-Lay on the grass.
-Go to the zoo.
-Read in the sunshine.
-Bake cupcakes and decorate with pastel colored frosting.
-Plant vegetables.
-Ride a bike.
-Attend a play.
-Make a spring themed tiny book.
-Try a new recipe with seasonal vegetables.
-Bake bread. (Maybe this or this).
-Listen to the rain.
-Go to the library.
-Go out with a friend.
-Spring clean my closet.
-Blow bubbles.
-Feed the ducks.
-Create a spring capsule wardrobe.
-Take a hike.
-Dine alfresco
-Sit outside at a cafe

Some of these activities are things I immediately thought about- like going to the zoo and feeding the ducks. Some I found on other lists: 50 Fun Spring Activities, 39 Things to to do with Your Kids this Spring, 101 Fun Things for Teens to do this Spring, and 50 Fun, Free Spring Activities.