Wednesday, March 9, 2016

our mom's birthday dinner

Today is my mom's birthday. (Happy birthday, mom!) I've invited my friend (and sister) Jasmine to share the mini, dinner celebration we had for my mom this past weekend. Browse Jasmine's guest posts here: her 2015 pocket scrapbook; 12 Dates // Valentine's Day or Anniversary Gift Idea: 8 1/2 x 11" Pocket Scrapbook IdeaMaking Time to CraftActive LivingHow to Digitally Crop and Resize Your Photos;and her Fall Wardrobe Wishlist.
mom's birthday dinner celebration
Hello, again! It has been far too long. If there’s anything you should know about our family by now, it’s that we love to celebrate birthdays. ;) We like to host themed parties (even if it's just a simple birthday dinner) and because we are such a big family, we typically have an excuse every month to do so.

My mom’s birthday and our sister Jennifer’s birthday land in the month of March. Over the weekend we hosted a small get together to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We thought it would be nice to surprise her with dinner at their house (our parent's house), and add a few decorations in her favorite color just to make it special. We had everything mapped out. My dad would take her out to watch a movie, they would come back, and “SURPRISE!”
mom's birthday dinner celebration
As is usually the case with surprises, everything did not go as planned! My mom has been fighting off a cold for the last week and the last thing she wanted to do was go to the movies. She just wanted to sleep! But even sick people have to eat dinner right?! While my mom rested in her room, we cooked lasagna, cleaned the house, prepared a salad (complete with Olive Garden dressing), and transformed the dining room. My sister Jennifer suggested having pink and white conchas (Mexican sweet bread) and hot chocolate for dessert. Actually, this whole thing was really Jennifer’s idea and we all chipped in to make it happen.

My mom absolutely loved it. Who wouldn’t love waking up to a clean house, flowers on the table, and a delicious dinner ready to eat (talk about a power nap!). My favorite part of the evening was sipping hot chocolate around the table and telling stories. It was a beautiful celebration for a woman who really deserves it. Happy birthday, mom!

Thank you for sharing, Jasmine! I enjoyed sitting around the table sharing stories, as well. 

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