Thursday, March 31, 2016

march 2016 recap

Every month- towards the end of the month- I recap my monthly activities and goals and link to various personal blog posts.

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march 2016 goals 
I read The Rosie Project at the beginning of the month. (Loved it!) That's my Get to Work Book if you're curious.

It's the last day of March! Where did the time go? We welcomed spring this month. (Hooray!) I put together a spring manifesto:
2016 spring manifesto
I've already crossed off a few things.
banana bread! / also: five on friday :)
(Made banana bread using this Betty Crocker recipe)

Our spring break was extra early this year. (I am still working on my spring break post! I'm hoping to share it soon). This month we celebrated my sister Jennifer's birthday and my mom's birthday.
mom's birthday dinner celebration
My sister Jasmine shared pictures of my mom's birthday dinner. (I'm so relieved one of us is still memory keeping. ;)

I added 1 recipe to my Greek yogurt 52 ways project:
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 35 carrot cake pancakes
#35 carrot cake pancakes. This was a good, everyday recipe.

As I mentioned above, I read The Rosie Project, which I really enjoyed. I am currently reading The Rosie Effect.
the rosie effect
I shared a book report of the last couple of books I read, as well.
questionnaire about reading habits
I've been reading quite a bit, and decided to share my responses to a questionnaire about reading habits. I invited you to share your answers. My sister Jasmine shared hers in the comments. I'd still love to hear your responses. :)

Some of us will be reading The Mountain Between Us in April for my first book club.
book club :: the mountain between us
I would love to have you read along with us!

In other news, I have been blogging for 8 years this month! I am planning to put together 8 kits to give away. Realizing that I wanted to do that pushed me to finish up the birthday bundle I started to put together in December for my birthday. I shared my 33 favorites giveaway kit yesterday.
33 favorites giveaway

Finally, this is how I did with my March 2016 goals:
march recap
  • Go back to that zumba class
    • I went to a new zumba class last night because I set a goal to do that in February and yesterday was my last day to do it (as it was the last day of February). I really liked the class! The instructor was energetic and very nice. I want to go back.
    • I tried! The instructor has been sick.
  • Prep the backyard for our vegetable garden
    • We have raised, garden beds and plan to use them again this year. I'm hoping our salsa bed will do better (tomatoes, jalape├▒os, and onions- yum).
    • We did not get to this. Boo.
  • Frame and hang some art/pictures
    • I've been itching to hang this print in my kitchen. 
    • I did not get to this either. Now I'm embarrassed. ;)
  • Walk outdoors at least once a week
    • I could use some fresh air to boost my energy. (See #5).
    • I did! It was nice and refreshing.
  • Refrain from checking my phone first thing in the morning
    • This is a bad habit. I'd like to at least have had coffee before I check my phone.
    • I did very well with this. I recently shared (on Twitter) that I have been temptation bundling- bundling walking with social media scrolling. I am not walking when I first wake up; therefore, I cannot scroll through any social media. It's perfect.
And that's that! I will be back tomorrow for Five on Friday. I will be sharing my goals for April on Monday. :D

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