Friday, March 25, 2016

five on friday

banana bread! / also: five on friday :)
(Made banana bread using this Betty Crocker recipe)

Happy Friday! What are your plans this weekend? *stays quiet.* Seriously! I would like to know! This weekend my girls are participating in an Easter play at church, we are going to San Diego to spend time with family, and I'm pretty sure we'll be hunting eggs on Sunday. ;)

I'm here because I have 5+ links I came across this week that I would like to share with you.

1. I am going to be requesting this water tracker stamp set for Mother's Day.

2. I love Tracy's Spring Capsule Wardrobe. Her post is the reason I included "Create a spring capsule wardrobe" in my spring manifesto.

3. I appreciate this post: 7 Steps to the Perfect Nap by Brendan Brown. #5 "Try a coffee nap" made me happy just thinking about it.

4. This is super helpful: How to be Less Annoyed with Everyone by Sarah Von Bargen.

5. I'm trying to read every night before I go to bed. Here's an article about why this is a worthwhile habit: These 6 Amazing Things Will Happen If You Read Before Bed by Robert Locke.

Hope you have a good one! And if you celebrate, happy Easter! :)

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  1. How to be less annoyed with everyone *insert crying of laughter emoji here*. Seriously. I need that. Especially during these pregnancy months.

    1. When I read: "Here’s the thing: feeling annoyed is a two-way street. every time you’re annoyed with someone, they’re probably just as annoyed with you," I thought *Sara with no h* annoyed with... me?