Thursday, January 21, 2016

winter manifesto 2016

2016 winter manifesto
At the beginning of the month, I shared my January goals. I said I wanted to write manifestos for all of the seasons this year. I wrote my first manifesto (list) this past fall.* I have a summer project I've been doing with my kids for a few years. During their summer break from school, we do one, fun activity every day. (See here). It can be as simple as going to the library (our local library has an awesome, weekly summer reading program) or as elaborate as staying at the colorful Saguaro Hotel for a few days (SUPER FUN).

*I also did a creative summer calendar/manifesto 2 years ago. It was fun but hard to keep up with.

I think it's easier to write a summer manifesto because summer is a fun, carefree time of year. Wintertime can be cold and dreary (and even cause depression in some people). I'll admit I can have a touch of the winter blues, but there are plenty of activities to enjoy during the winter season. I'm getting a late start on this (Dec. 21st marked the beginning of winter), but that's okay. I'm doing it anyway. 

I should note that we've been doing a December advent calendar of activities for a couple of years. See here. These are some of the activities we included (and did) last month:

-Make your room festive. (We bought a tiny Christmas tree and decorated it for our kids' room).
-Go to our city's tree light ceremony, drink hot chocolate, and eat popcorn. (All provided by the city!)
-Make Christmas gifts with grandma. (We all got the cutest hand drawn mugs!)
-Watch a Christmas movie. (Elf is our favorite. We also watched Home Alone another day)
-Go to a music concert. (We went to a couple because my daughters are in band and choir).
-Buy a Christmas tree.
-Enjoy our twinkle lights. (We sat on our couch with our house lights turned off drinking hot chocolate).
-Make tamales.
-Write letters to Santa.
-Drink peppermint, hot chocolate.
-Go caroling.
-Go to the $1 store and buy fun, quirky gifts for each other.

Next year (or at the end of this year!) our advent calendar activities will overlap with our winter manifesto.

This is my current, winter manifesto:
winter manifesto
(Click to enlarge... the list is also below!)

-Have winter-themed drinks.
-Wear mittens.
-Mail a handwritten card to a friend.
-Wear a scarf.
-Warm up with a bowl of ramen.
-Attend (or throw!) a super bowl party.
-Bake bread.
-Light candles.
-Go to the movies.
-Play board games.
-Go to the farmer’s market.
-Restock hot chocolate bar &
-Drink hot chocolate.
-Pop open a bottle of sparkling cider.
-Curl up under a blanket with a good book.
-Go thrift store shopping.
-Go to the library.
-Eat homemade pizza and watch a movie.
-Cup a steaming mug in your hands on a cold day.
-Go to a concert.
-Have a snowball fight.