Thursday, January 7, 2016

memory keeping: 2016

memory keeping: 2016
This will be my fourth year using pocket scrapbooking / Project Life as my memory keeping method. I am very behind and feel bad about that sometimes, but this is a hobby. I can't be guilting myself about a hobby. This year I am looking to simplify the process even more than I have in the past few years so I don't get behind (or as behind anyway) and that I make the memories the true focal point.

This year I plan to use this 12x12" album again. This is the one I've used since I've started. (I did toy with the idea of a 9x12"... we'll see). I will be sticking with Design A pocket pages with the occasional different design. I will be using the 12x12" binder for most of the year (from January to May and part of August to November. I am currently in September in my 2015 book if you're curious). I typically do 1 page (not a two-page spread) per week unless I need a full spread for a special event like a birthday or holiday celebration. I will be using 2- 8 1/2x11" books- one for my summer break book (see 2015's here) and one for December Daily (I still have to complete 2015's book).

For those books I use 1" decorative binders from Target and 8 1/2x11" 4-pocket page protectors. I will be using the core cards I've used in the past for my books- Midnight, Kraft, Seafoam, and Sunshine. I tend to opt for the neutral, earthy cards in the kits- black, white, grey, beige, and brown. I tend to stick to polka dots and hearts for embellishing. For my summer book, I use bright, vibrant, summery colors- hot pink, pink, mint, teal, yellow, etc. For my December Daily books, I've used traditional colors- red and green. This past year I went for a neutral color scheme with red, green, and gold as accent colors. I like the look of this book so far.

As far as basic supplies, I will be using 12x12" Fiskars' trimmerglue dotsthese adhesive circles, Pilot's razor point extra fine tip pens, American Craft's slick writer pens, roller date stamps like this oneClose to My Heart ink (Staz-On ink is a good brand, as well). I will be using printable weekly cards again, as well. They're time savers.

As far as printing, I will be printing my pictures in 4x6" size locally. (It's convenient, inexpensive, and the quality is good though the service isn't).

I'm excited for this year. I'm trying to remember that this is a hobby I enjoy very much. This isn't a "have to." This is a "want to."

See my memory keeping set up from previous years: 2015 // 2014 // 2013 

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  1. "This isn't a 'have to' it's a 'want to'." I like that!! *I did my best, I did my best* lol