Friday, January 8, 2016

five on friday

march | april | may 2017 recap
Happy Friday!

I have 5+ links to share with you!

1. I'm big on setting New Year's resolutions/projects/goals. Tracy from Shutterbean discussed "Habit Forming" this week. She detailed both positive and negative habits she has. I enjoyed reading her list of habits. Like Tracy I check my phone "the second I wake up." She's looking to change that habit. Me, too! This thought from Tracy resonated with me: "I need to stop going into my whole cyber loop of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Email before I even have a sip of coffee! It sucks my energy, wastes time and can subconsciously put me in a mood if I’m not careful."

2. Also pertaining to New Year's resolutions, Orlando from Hommemaker shared "Stop Squashing Everyone Else’s New Years Resolutions." He points out, "Yes, statistically speaking most of us will fail, but there is inherent value in at least trying, taking a moment to figure out what we think is important." I agree!

3. I have set plenty of goals related to weight management. I try to be balanced when it comes to body image though. This article about body image is uplifting: "Embrace Looking the Way You Look" by Margarita Tartakovsky." I like that she linked to Sarah Von Bargen's Instagram post. I saw that when Sarah posted it, too. This thought from the article stuck with me: "We don’t have to transform ourselves to fit some ideal. We don’t have to force ourselves into clothes we don’t want to wear. We don’t have to force ourselves into performing certain habits or rituals if we don’t enjoy them or we feel like we should do them (and again they just don’t feel right). We don’t have to force ourselves into anything."

4. The last book I read was Boundaries, which was given to me by my very good friend Denise. This is one of the best books I've ever read. I highly recommend it. Another excellent article this week by Margarita Tartakovsky (she's so insightful!) is "When People Cross Your Boundaries." She mentioned that "people cross our boundaries in all sorts of ways. [...] They might invade your personal space- like touching your pregnant belly without permission.

5. Finally, 2 articles about productivity: "5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity" by William Stokes and "8 Morning Habits To Enhance Your Productivity" by Kerry Petsinger. Using the Pomodoro Technique was discussed on the second list. The idea is to use a ticking timer (it's a timer in the shape of a tomato- "pomodoro" means tomato in Italian) to accomplish a variety of tasks. The ticking of the timer reminds you to stay on task. Once you complete your task (for 25-30 minutes), you can take a break (5-10 minutes typically). It's a good way to manage your time, see how long things take to complete, and how you can become more efficient by avoiding distractions. I downloaded a free, pomodoro timer app this week. I'm obsessed with this method.

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