Monday, December 14, 2015

goal-setting 2016

goal setting 2016
(I used Elise Cripe's daily tracker to track one of my major goals for the year- read for 15 minutes a day. I've been reading various books before I watch the movies. Read more about that project here. Also: Elise is offering a 2016 version of her daily tracker).

At the beginning of the year, I shared goal-setting in 4 parts. I am resharing the links and giving a brief summary of each post below. I'm thinking about my goals/resolutions for the new year and maybe you are, as well. I hope that this helps you as you think about your goals for the new year.

Goal-Setting Part 1: Overarching Goals, Projects, Resolutions
I started this goal-setting series by discussing overarching goals/projects/resolutions (as the title clearly states. ;) I discussed how I set general goals for the year by looking at the big picture and deciding what I want to do- things that I wouldn't normally do, but know will enrich my life if I do them (i.e. lose weight, read more, travel, start school, change jobs, make new friends, etc.).

Goal-Setting Part 2: Get Specific // Set Monthly Goals
In part 2, I discussed getting specific with your goals. I get specific with my overarching goals by breaking them down into actionable tasks for the month (seasonally/quarterly goals would work, as well). In that post I gave examples. I want to lose weight, so that month I decided to begin incorporating healthy desserts into my meals (in fact, I started a whole blog series dedicated to eating healthy desserts: Greek Yogurt 52 Ways).

Goal-Setting Part 3: Weekly & Daily Goals
In part 3 of this series I discussed breaking down your goals one more time- first into weekly goals, then into daily goals. I got the idea to do this from a 4 week challenge* to organize my home, which I completed at that time. Part of the challenge involved setting weekly goals at the beginning of the week, then daily goals based on those weekly goals. (Genius). Inspired by that series, I also established a morning routine, which has truly revolutionized my mornings, hence, my days. One of the takeaways is that I find myself accomplishing my goals more fluidly on a daily basis.

*I am planning to do the challenge again in January.

Goal-Setting Part 4: Reward Yourself
In part 4, I discussed rewarding yourself after an accomplishment. Rewarding myself is more of an exercise in good, mental health for me. I almost never complete a project for the reward. I force myself to stop and realize what I've done, and that it's worth a reward. Whatever it may be deserves a pause and acknowledgement. There has to a be time to stop and enjoy the moment and the accomplishments.

What are your tips for accomplishing your goals or resolutions? What are some of your goals for 2016? I'd love to know. :)