Sunday, December 20, 2015

five on sunday

Merry Christmas!
As I mentioned yesterday, this has been a hectic season for me. I've missed posting regularly, and am hoping to find something that works for me in 2016. :)

I have 5+ links that I came across this week that I'd like to share.

1. I've been wanting to make gingerbread houses from graham crackers (so technically- graham cracker houses) with my girls for years. Tina Aszmus shared a picture on Instagram this week making graham cracker houses. So. Cute. 

2. I identify with too many signs on this list: 7 Signs You Need a Little ‘Me Time’ by Suzanne Kane. To help: 15 Self-Care Ideas for When You’re Feeling Down by Emily Myrin.

3. Coffee is my go to activity when catching up with friends. I'm going to try one of these ideas soon: 15 Ways to Catch Up with Friends that Aren’t Grabbing Coffee or a Cocktail by Sarah Von Bargen.

4. I plan to read this book in 2016: Comparison Trap by Sandra Stanley.

5. I appreciate this article so much! 6 Simple Steps to Healthy and Beautiful Hair and Skin During Winter by Katarina Milovanovic.

I typically post these lists on Friday. See more Five on Friday posts here.

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"Merry Christmas!" photo by Nikos Koutoulas // cc