Thursday, December 31, 2015

december recap

Every month at the end of the month, I recap my monthly activities and goals and link to various personal blog posts. See this year's monthly recaps here. See 2014's monthly recaps here.

Happy New Year's Eve! I know things have been very quiet around here. Though my blog has been quiet, my "real life" has been far from quiet. As I've already mentioned multiple times, this has been a very busy (read: VERY BUSY) season for me. You long time followers know that I am a stay at home blogger mom. ;) I am a wife to my husband Jesse and we have 4 young daughters- 12, 9, 6, and 2. Needless to say, I am busy with their various needs and wants- as well as my own projects and pursuits. As it says in my sidebar- I use my blog as a creative outlet. It is a hobby I enjoy. I need to rework it into my life. I still haven't completely figured out what blogging will look like for me in 2016, but I will figure it out and share what I've decided with you soon I hope. :)

Today on the last day of December (and the last day of the year), I am reflecting on that which I did and didn't do.
december goals
Earlier this month- on my birthday- I shared 32 Things I Did Before Turning 33. I looked at my monthly goals and compiled a list of 32 things I did successfully throughout the year. It was rewarding to look at what I accomplished this year. Sure I didn't complete all I set out to do, but I did do so much. It's a good feeling.
goal setting 2016
A major success for me includes reading for 15 minutes a day in 2015. Again, I wasn't "perfect" at developing this habit, but I consider this project to be a huge success. I plan to continue with this habit in 2016. Above is what my "Read for 15 min. a day" daily tracker looked like last month. I shared a picture of it in my Goal-Setting 2016 post. Below is what it looks like today:
daily tracker
I am also sharing what my "Exercise" daily tracker looks like. I had been using Weight Watchers' Active Link for most of the year until the service was terminated by Weight Watchers in November (not happy then). At the end of November, Jesse kindly bought me a Fitbit (I have this one). I love it! I will be sharing my thoughts about it soon. I wasn't happy about Weight Watchers terminating the Active Link service, but I am happy now. Fitbit is an awesome product.

In other news, I had hoped to stick to my December Daily this month. I had gathered materials and started on it. See my introductory post about my book here, but I am behind. I do plan to complete it some time soon.
december daily 2015
workspace wednesday
workspace wednesday
I set another goal at the beginning of the year: eat healthy desserts. I made a variety of Greek yogurt desserts (some were also good for breakfast) for my project Greek yogurt 52 ways. I added 2 new desserts to my project this month:
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 30 banana nut yogurt
#30 banana nut yogurt
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 31 lemon meringue pie
and #31 lemon meringue pie.

(21 to go!)

I made a variety of goals at the beginning of December. These were my goals and this is how I did with them:
  • Do one, cheerful activity every day this month with my family
    • I did well with this. Jesse, the girls, and I did various festive things throughout the month- from drinking hot chocolate on the go while checking out Christmas lights throughout the neighborhood to watching Elf one, fun Saturday night. We had a memorable month.
  • Stick with December Daily 2015 
  • Completely catch up with my memory book
    • I included this as a joke. You believed me??! ;)
  • Continue working on my fall manifesto
    • I crossed off a few more things. :)
  • Reintroduce mom/daughter & dad/daughter dates (AND mom/dad dates ;)
    • We had more mom/dad dates than anything. This was our anniversary this month! I'd like to work on this in the coming year. 
Lastly, I said I would announce the winner of my 33 favorites giveaway today. The winner is Ashley from Big White Farmhouse. :) I will be sending your package out to you some time in January! :D
32 favorites giveaway
Happy New Year's Eve!
december daily 2015
See you in 2016. :)