Tuesday, December 1, 2015

december goals

Happy December! I'm feeling more energized today- there's something about the beginning of a new month.
december goals
(Printable calendar from Jillian McClenahan)

These are my goals for December:
  • Do one, cheerful activity every day this month with my family
  • Stick with December Daily 2015 
  • Completely catch up with my memory book
  • Continue working on my fall manifesto
  • Reintroduce mom/daughter & dad/daughter dates (AND mom/dad dates ;)
Ongoing goals:
  • Read daily 
    • I have a goal for the year, which is to read for 15 minutes every day. I set this goal in January (see here) and have been mindful of it every month. (See my current reading project here).
  • Eat healthy desserts 3 times a week
    • This is another goal I made in January. I have been working on this. See my progress here.
  • Incorporate low-impact workouts 3 times a week
      • Track
      • Stick to my evening routine   
      • Complete Project "465" (inspired by Jessica O'Brien) (I'm on day 23 of 31)
      Compare my December goals from previous years: 2014, 2013, and 2012. They're very similar actually!

      Here's to a productive month!