Tuesday, December 22, 2015

currently in december

currently in december
celebrating our anniversary today. Jesse and I have been married for 13 years. :) Jesse surprised me with beautiful, yellow roses this morning.

looking forward to dinner and a quiet evening together.

working in my December Daily book. As you can see,  I'm way behind. (I'm on day 6).

enjoying my girls being on winter break.

watching my girls spend their days together. I'm happy they are friends.

hoping their bonds last a lifetime.

listening to the new season of Serial.  It is gripping.

making time to read.

reading a book about boundaries.

appreciating my sister Jasmine's spa day gift for my birthday. I can't wait!

feeling more at peace this week.  I slept in this past weekend, yesterday, and today, as well. I've been sick, and getting some rest is just what I need.

drinking a green smoothie almost every day. (I rotate between this one and this one. I tried one with cabbage. I didn't like it).

planning to participate in this 30 day green smoothie challenge in January.

needing to wrap all the gifts. :/

loving that I'll be using my Get to Work Book soon. It was a gift from Jesse. :)

curling my hair with the new 1 1/2" straightener my mom gave me for my birthday. I love the big, soft curls.

wearing scarves- which I rarely do, but the one my sister Jennifer gave me is so beautiful. It has inspired me to wear my scarves more often.

thinking about my goals for 2016. (I'm excited).

scheduling coffee dates (and other ways to catch up with friends) this coming year as one of my goals.

wishing you much peace during this busy season!

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