Saturday, December 19, 2015

32 things I did before turning 33 // 33 favorites giveaway **now closed**

**I announced the winner in my December Recap on Dec. 31 (see here. :)**

32 favorites giveaway
"A few years ago I made lists of things to before my next birthday depending on how old I was that year. If I was 29 turning 30, I would list '29 things to do before I turn 30,' for example. Spoiler: I didn't do well with that. It was hard to say what I'd be interested in doing towards the end of the year at the beginning of the year. For the past few years I've been making a list of monthly goals instead. It makes more sense because I'm more likely to know what I'll be interested in doing on a monthly basis. Every year I get better at accomplishing the goals I set out to do. I'm learning how to prioritize my time and how big tasks can be broken down into smaller tasks, which are then easier to accomplish."
-From my post 31 Things I've Done Before I Turn 32

Today I'm sharing 32 Things I Did Before Turning 33. :)

1. Read for an average of 15 minutes a day. See here.

2. Made raised, garden beds for our vegetable garden (I supervised, anyway). See here.

3. Ate healthy desserts. See here.

4. Made assignment lists for everyone (in my family. ;) See here.

5. Shared my goal-setting method. See here.

6. Created a family mission statement. See here.

7. Reopened my etsy shop. See here.

8. Went on several dates with Jesse. (I love Jasmine's 12 Dates Gift Idea. See here).

9. Shared my craft space. See here.

10. Recreated an adult version photo of a childhood photo with my siblings. See here.

11. Because I increased my reading this year- shared 10 Tips for Reading More Books. See here.

12. Color coordinated my 3x4" core cards. See here.

13. Went on a hike with my family (and shared Tips for Hiking with Kids). See here.

14. Celebrated 7 years of blogging. See here.

15. Established an evening routine. See here.

16. Stuck with my morning routine. See here.

17. Sponsored a crafty event by sending small paper kits. See here.

18. Shared an envelope book tutorial. See here.

19. Celebrated my sister Jasmine's birthday with a Mickey / Minnie Mouse breakfast for dinner party. See here.

20. Made a paper bag album for a birthday party. See here.

21. Incorporated daily, fun summer break activities for my girls. See here.

22. Documented our activities in my summer 2015 book. See here.

23. Completed my 2014 summer book. See here.

24. Completed my 2014 December Daily book. See here.

25. Completed my 2014 pocket memory book. See here.

26. Completed 1/2 of my 2015 pocket memory book and shared 10 Tips for Catching Up with Project Life. See here.

27. Celebrated Evie's birthday with a Kids' Aquarium Themed Party. See here.

28. Completed 1/2 of my Greek Yogurt 52 Ways project. See here.

29. Crossed several things off of my fall manifesto. See here.

30. Modified my exercise routine to workout while injured. See here.

31. Incorporated more greens into my life. See here.

32. Published 200+ blog posts this year. :)
i'm 31 giveaway
I'm 30 Giveaway (details on my blog)
To celebrate turning 33 (today is my birthday!) I'm giving away 33 of my favorite things. The pictures above are from my last 3 birthday giveaways. This has been a hectic season for me, so I didn't get around to putting the kit together beforehand, but I will be getting this kit together and mailing out to 1 person some time in January.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment here with your email address (so I can contact you if you win).  I will announce the winner on December 31st. :)

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