Friday, November 13, 2015

five on friday

Man And Woman Having Business Meeting With Bag, Drinks And Technology
Happy Friday! The week reeeeally got away from me as you can probably tell. I hope to be around more next week.

I came across a couple of links that I'd like to share with you.

1. I agree that though we are taught good physical health habits, we are not taught good mental health habits. The author of this article insists that good mental health habits will "bring consistency to our lives, promote wellness and resilience, and protect us from becoming overwhelmed by mental illness." Read the article: Mental Health Hygiene Habits by Jessica R. Dreistadt.

2. This article is about living productively: 15 Habits that will Totally Transform Your Productivity by Stephanie Vozza (via Tracy's I Love Lists Friday!). My phone definitely makes my mind wander even if I don't check it! (Give me a sec... I have to answer this text. ;)

3. I may pick up Little Women again. It was on this list: 10 Fantastic Suggestions You Can Add To Your Christmas Reading List by Emily Myrin.

4. "I’m sure you’ve read tutorials on how to do proper gallery walls complete with tracing the frames with butcher paper, then hanging the butcher paper, then hanging the art over said butcher paper- yeah. I’m not doing that." I have read those tutorials!! I appreciate Molly Madfis taking a different approach: How to Create a 5 Minute Gallery Wall.

5. Finally, Sunday does remind me that the "hustle will start over soon." No need to dread Sunday according to this article: Sunday Can Be Powerful If You Plan It Well by Carise Crevecoeur.

Hope you have a good weekend! See you Monday. :)

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