Tuesday, November 17, 2015

currently in november

100/36: November PDX leaves
I said, "See you Monday!" but what I meant was "See you Tuesday!" ;) If you're not sick of me and my random posting, yet, thank you for sticking around!

How's November treating you? Are you getting busy with the holiday season approaching? Yep. Me, too!

This is what November has been like for me. Currently: I'm...

blogging sporadically- at best. :/

catching up with my memory book/project life book. I printed some pictures last week and I am preparing to make a mess on my dining table. I have to be comfortable with that mess sitting there for a while as I catch up. It doesn't bother anybody else as much as it bothers me. I need to take my own advice: 10 Tips for Catching Up with Project Life.

finished with My Sister's Keeper. I finished reading it last week. It was sad as I expected. It was also touching, thought-provoking, and profound. I enjoy the depth of Jodi Picoult's characters and the intricacy of her plots.

beginning to read Little Women. I picked it up at the library yesterday (I went with Jasmine). For this past Five on Friday, I mentioned that Little Women is on this list of 10 Fantastic Suggestions You Can Add To Your Christmas Reading List. Emily Myrin, the writer of that list, shared that "While it [Little Women] isn’t strictly a Christmas book, there are many significant Christmas scenes in the novel and many people associate the novel with Christmas time." I had said it didn't feel like a summer read when I started reading it a few months ago. I'm ready for it now. And I'm looking forward to watching the movie.

listening to my same ole podcasts (Your Move with Andy Stanley and The Jess Lively Show) and resisting the urge to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. ;)

happy I got to have coffee with my friend Denise this morning. I feel more energized after chatting with her. (My advice: schedule a friend date today. ;)

also happy I got to see my good friend Kerri recently. We've been friends for 20 years. I've known her since 7th grade!

embracing this colder weather. I live in southern California so it isn't terribly cold yet, but for us flip-flip people, it's getting there. ;)

loving quiet evenings with Jesse watching a movie or TV. We've been watching Parks and Recreation lately. I watched all but the final season. He hadn't watched it at all, so I'm rewatching it and it's his first go around. He likes it. I've forgotten so much. It's hilarious.

looking forward to Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoes, here I come. (It'll be nice to see family, too, I think. Just kidding- OF COURSE it'll be nice to see family! :)

needing to get to the store to buy sweet potatoes- they're my favorite, seasonal vegetable. (This is how I prepare them).

braiding my girls' hair every morning. Making their hairy fancy has become a hobby for me! I'm looking to try this soon.

drinking this green smoothie every day. I really like it!

wearing flannel. I wish I could wear flannel all year round.

hating that I have less and less time these days! There's always so much to do.

working on 30 Days of Thankful, which has been more difficult than I realized- not because I'm not thankful, but because I hardly have time to journal what I'm thankful for. I may tweak this project to work for me.

planning to stick to a cleaning routine this coming year. It'll be one of my major goals for the year. I was inspired by this list and my friend Denise. :)

laughing about this article I read years ago. I mentioned it to a friend the other day and had to go searching for it to send the link to her. I'm glad I found it!

super excited to use my new planner for  2016. Jesse bought it for my birthday (per my request). I got it a few weeks ago, but I'm not opening it 'til my birthday next month. I haven't spent this much on a planner before... we'll see what I think after using it.

feeling comforted by this thought: "Things take the time they take. Don't worry." - Mary Oliver. (via @brandeye8)

Hope you're having a good one! See you tomorrow (don't hold me to it though. ;)

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  1. That cleaning guide looks good! I shared it on FB and emailed myself the link. Currently doing Fall Cleaning so I'll see if I can follow this guide after I get the house cleaned up. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    1. I hope it works for you (and me!). My house can use all the help it can get. ;)

  2. I think I'm going to read Little Women! It caught my attention at the library :)