Thursday, October 1, 2015

october goals

october goals
(Printable calendar from Jillian McClenahan) (Have you tried my caramel apple, Greek yogurt for breakfast or dessert? It's the perfect treat for fall. See the recipe here).

I have 1 goal to add to my list of goals this month:
  • Write a fall manifesto. 
    • It will include several fun, seasonal goals for October and November. :) I have a plan to make a plan. (Name that movie).
I have ongoing goals for the year and a couple goals from September that I still haven't completed, but would like to complete:
  • Read daily 
    • I have a goal for the year, which is to read for 15 minutes every day. I set this goal in January (see here) and have been mindful of it every month. (See my current reading project here).
  • Eat healthy desserts 3 times a week
    • This is another goal I made in January. I have been working on this. See my progress here.
  • Incorporate low-impact workouts into my daily routine
    • I need to finally accept the limitations of my foot injury and realize there are other fun, low-impact workout options. 
    • Plant winter vegetables 
      • See our raised, garden beds here.
    • Track
    • Stick to my "new," evening routine   
    • Complete Project "465" (inspired by Jessica O'Brien)

      What are your goals this month?