Tuesday, October 13, 2015

my weight loss toolbox: exercising when injured

265/365 after the hard day
It's been a long time since I've blogged about "My Weight Loss Toolbox." The truth is that I haven't been in a good place in regards to this. I've been feeling unmotivated because I injured my foot some time ago. Though I have been in pain in the past and opted to push through the pain by continuing to exercise, this pain cannot be ignored as it is more persistent. It took me too long to go to the doctor to begin treatment. I decided to blog about exercising while injured in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

Don't be like me- see a doctor ASAP. Though you may know what's ailing you and though you practically work at WebMD, you are probably not a doctor. A doctor can diagnose your injury with more accuracy and begin effective treatment. Going to the doctor is actually the first step towards good health/fitness.

In addition, take your doctor's orders and rest if need be. As I've said in the past, rest is not a setback. Sometimes rest is a necessity.

That said, don't use your pain/injury as an excuse. My doctor told me to listen to my body, and to exercise moderately. Some days my injury is fine. Other days, it flares up. On the days it's fine, I should opt to exercise and not use my injury as an excuse. Opt to exercise if you can.

Think outside of the box. That is, maybe you've stuck to a particular form of exercise for years. Maybe your doctor has told you to lay off of that form of exercise while you heal. Listen to your doctor. There are other exercise options. Try something new. Who knows? You might love your new routine more than your old routine.

Stay positive. I know (I mean, I KNOW!) it's hard to stay positive when you're nursing an injury. I spent a long time feeling sorry for myself about it, but feeling sorry for myself didn't get me anywhere. In fact, I think my negative thinking had me making bad choices in other areas of my life. You'll make better choices by staying positive.

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