Wednesday, October 21, 2015

jasmine's pocket scrapbook // project life book: august 2015

This is another special, guest post by my friend (and sister ;) Jasmine. I invited her to share her 2015 pocket scrapbook with us. (Browse her guest posts: 12 Dates // Valentine's Day or Anniversary Gift Idea: 8 1/2 x 11" Pocket Scrapbook IdeaMaking Time to CraftActive LivingHow to Digitally Crop and Resize Your Photos;and her Fall Wardrobe Wishlist).
jasmine's pocket scrapbook / project life book : august
Hi Everyone!

This week I am sharing my layouts for the month of August and they are long overdue! The closer and closer I get to “actual time” the harder it is for me to share my layouts because, well, I’m still working on them! I plan to finish the month of September this week and actually be documenting the month of October during the month of October. Be still my heart. That would be great! *ahem* But without further ado, here are my layouts for the month of August.
jasmine's pocket scrapbook / project life book : august
I love documenting summer memories because it’s a chance to play with bright colors and in my experience summer activities always seem to yield the best photos. More time outside, more natural lighting, it’s a recipe for great layouts! For this spread I used 9 and 6- pocket page protectors. I documented our impromptu trip to Utah to celebrate my husband’s cousin getting married. I added the photo booth prints from the wedding and they fit perfectly in the 6-pocket page protector! I was very happy about being able to include them in this layout. I embellished this spread with triangle labels. I was introduced to this idea by Jessica who learned the tip from Elise Cripe. What a fun way to add visual interest to your layout.
jasmine's pocket scrapbook / project life book : august
For the second spread I used 6 and 3-pocket page protectors. Find out more of why I love 3-pocket page protectors here. I played with the idea of having an entirely black and white layout and highlighting one photo by printing it in color. I chose to highlight our trip to the beach and the beautiful sunset over the ocean by making this my my colored photo.
jasmine's pocket scrapbook / project life book : august
For my last spread I used a 3-pocket page protector and a 20-pocket page protector. I enjoy seeing how all of the individual squares come together to form one cohesive layout.

Thank you for reading along. Until next week (hopefully! :)

Thank you Jasmine! I like the idea of highlighting a colored photo! 

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jasmine's pocket scrapbook / project life book : august