Monday, October 12, 2015

five on monday

Happy Monday! I'm back again with Five on Monday because I missed posting for Five on Friday AGAIN. Thank you for sticking around as I navigate through this busy season in my life. :)

In other news, I put my fall manifesto together:
fall manifesto
(Click on the picture to enlarge).

I'm looking forward to all of those things. I'm aiming to get through them all this month and next month. Do you have any goals this fall?

I'm also here because I have 5+ links to share!

1. I stumbled upon the Instagram feed @becomingjolie a couple of weeks ago. Jolie is funny, honest, and raw. I appreciate all of those characteristics. She owns the shop Brim Papery (I follow @brimpapery on Instagram, as well). I want several prints and mugs from her shop.

2. I started listening to the podcast The Lively Show this week. I'm very new to Jess Lively's podcast, but I really like what I've heard so far. Her content seems varied, practical, and motivational.

3. Persistent tardiness is one of my (many ;) pet peeves. Yes to this article: 7 Habits of Extremely Punctual People by Euna Park. This topic made me think of this. You can also listen to it at the 5:40 mark here.

4. I am guilty of several of these stress-inducing habits: 13 Stress-Inducing Habits and How to Avoid Them by Hilary White.

5. Finally, the author Jojo Moyes responded to one of my tweets! #fangirling

Hope you're having a good beginning of the week!

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