Monday, October 5, 2015

five on monday

five on monday
(I'm reading After You by Jojo Moyes. Love! That's apple cider in my mug. It's fall! :)

It seems like "Five on Monday" is becoming a regular series. :/ I don't have to tell you that "real life" is busy- that's why I didn't post on Friday. I'm sure you know how busy life can be. I enjoy sharing favorite articles, etc. that I come across throughout the week. Hope you don't mind my sharing them today instead of Friday. ;)

1. This freebie printable from Kellie Winnell via Give A Girl A Blog is funny: "Classy but I cuss a little."

2. It's Monday. Getting out of bed wasn't exactly a breeze. These tips are helpful: 8 Tips to Help You Wake Up and Get Out of Bed Fast by Emily Co via Popsugar.

3. I love this! DIY Succulent Pen Planter by Erica Stolman via FashionLush.

4. I've been working on cleaning out our bedroom. It's such a mess! I appreciate this article via Apartment Therapy: How to Declutter the Bedroom.

5. This list: 121 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money by Michele Bird via Popsugar can also be used to curb overeating. Overspending and overeating are unhealthy destressors.

Glad you stopped by! :)

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