Friday, October 30, 2015

five on friday

five on friday
(from the Griffith Observatory this past weekend)

I have 5+ links I came across this week, which motivated or inspired me, that I'd like to share with you :

1. I listened to Jess Lively's The Lively Show this week- episode #96: How to Diversify Self-Worth with Tal Ben-Shahar this week. A thought that resonated with me during the show is that perfectionists tend to have an all or nothing mentality. Perfectionists will struggle with change if they fail to meet a goal (perhaps an unrealistic goal) they set out for themselves. As Tal Ben-Shahar said, "Perfectionism is a real barrier to growth." He said that about growth within relationships as perfectionists tend to think a relationship isn't "meant to be" if a problem arises within the relationship. Perfectionism can be a barrier to growth in various areas of our lives. I'm planning to read his book The Pursuit of Perfect soon.

2. Brilliant: "When we stop to think about it, our way can’t possibly be the only right way. Other people just have different preferences, and the world would be boring if everyone were the same, if no one did things differently" via Avoid the Tendency to Think Your Way is the True Way by Leo Babauta.

3. I can admit to using my smartphone as an outlet to decompress. Like all outlets, it can become unhealthy in excess. This was a good read about that: 6 Ways to Unplug and De-Stress By Sylvia Huang.

4. I enjoy thrift store shopping. I can see where accumulating clutter from frequent trips can get out of hand though. This will help with that: Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Oh My! by Emma Thorne-Christy. (I linked to her last week, too!)

5. Finally, 9 of The Best Sources Of Protein You Need To Know About by Megan Meyer. As I shared in this post: "Increased protein consumption is known to decrease levels of hunger, expend more energy due to the body's attempts to digest it, and increase lean body mass or muscle (which in turn burn fat)."

I hope you have an excellent weekend!

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