Friday, October 16, 2015

five on friday

Look! It's not Monday! It's raining today where I live. I am a big fan of the rain... not driving in it, but lighting candles and reading a good book in it? Yeah. I'm all about that. Do you have weekend plans?? Unfortunately, Jesse is sick, so we had to change our plans. Looks like a weekend filled with soup (and disinfectant wipes. ;)

I have 5+ links to share with you.

1. This is the most impressive costume ever: Mandi Johnson's Grayscale Film Noir Costumes.

2. Yes to this list! 23 Ways To Treat Yo’ Self Without Buying Or Eating Anything by Sarah Von Bargen.

3. There's something about the number '23' this week: 23 Ways to Wake Up Happier Every Morning by Marina Liao. I'm all about daily routines as you know. I need to revamp my morning routine and continue working on establishing my evening routine.

4. Can you tell that I like lists? Here's another one: 8 Tips to Break Free from a Rut by Sylvia Huang.

5. Finally: Small Things Couples Can Do Every Day To Keep Their Relationships Fresh by Matt Duczeminski. Sometimes small things go a long way.

Hope you have a good one!

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Photo by Gabriele Diwald // cc