Monday, October 19, 2015

currently in october

currently in october
celebrating my Addy turning 6. Her birthday wishes are simple- pizza, doughnuts, and a movie (Inside Out!).

enjoying my house smelling like pumpkin spice. I'm a stereotypical stay-at-home-mom and I'm not even sorry.

hoping I don't get Jesse's cold as bad as he got it (I have it, but so far it's not so bad).

needing to buy new shoes with good arch support (old lady problems).

watching Star Wars with Jesse, my brother in law Oscar, and my sister Jasmine. We started part 1 (the third movie) last night. I'm getting more into them now.

starting to make my evening routine a habit... it's taken me a long time! I have to recognize that I've made progress though.

reading The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. (If you're a faithful reader, you already know that. I just talked about books I've read recently here). I am a few chapters into part 2 of the book. I'm interested to see how part 1 and part 2 come together.

looking forward to going to Oak Glen this weekend. (I'm crossing things off of my fall manifesto like a boss).

listening to the Andy Stanley podcast every morning (I' it's like free therapy every morning!). I downloaded the "Your Move" app on my phone. There are a series of topics with a couple of episodes per topic. Before I take my girls to school, I download the episode I've chosen for the day and listen to the podcast on the way to and from school. I'm also listening to the Jess Lively Show (it's a podcast) when I do housework. I am really, really enjoying it.

loving that Jesse cleaned our bedroom yesterday. It looks so much better and it's motivating me to continue working there (to do our long-term goals, I mean).

wishing I could speed up the redecorating progress in our bedroom. I guess the only person to talk to about that is myself. ;)

not happy while I cleaned the garage yesterday, but it looks amazing now. lol. (Jesse typically does the garage and I typically do our bedroom, so this was completely out of the norm for us. Ha).

wearing sweaters (wut?!)

working on putting together a fall kit for my etsy shop. I will be using the kit in my 30 Days of Thankful project. I'm getting ready to share my favorite fall papers (pictured). I've been hoarding them forever. Time to use them!

trying to keep a prayer journal. Maybe I'll blog about it soon.

laughing at my girls mocking me. (This is new). I was reading a book to Juli when we came across a bongo. I said, "It looks like a horse, but it's a bongo." They kept repeating that and laughing at me about it. "It looks like a horse, but it's a bongo." Over and over. I guess I sounded pretty ditzy.

scheduling weekly coffee dates with my friend Denise. (LOVE!)

also watching I Love Lucy (thanks to Abby, Lani's friend).

intending to make healthy eating choices this week (I'm feeling motivated after having lost 1 lb last week!)

feeling happy and ready to embrace the week. Hope you are, too. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope October is treating you well.

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