Friday, September 25, 2015

five on friday

10 things making me happy
(It's time to pull out my fall craft supplies... see the original post for this picture here).

Happy Friday! I'm sharing 5+ links I came across this week. :)

1. Azzari Jarrett created Free Fall Printable Journaling Cards. The mug patterned paper is adorable.

2. I am very excited for fall. There can be no question about that. Hilary White listed 50+ Cheap or Free Ways to Celebrate the Fall Season. I agree that "there are endless ways to celebrate the season without breaking the bank." I'm putting several of her suggestions in my fall manifesto. (I got the idea for a fall manifesto from Natalie Freeman).

3. Speaking of not "breaking the bank," Ashley Marcin details 7 Frugal Fall Decoration Tips. She suggests making a DIY wreath inexpensively for your front door. I've been thinking about doing this for a while- see here. I linked to Pam Garrison's felt wreath that time. I also loved Elise Cripe's tutorial for a felt wreath some years ago.

4. I'm constantly thinking about how to run our household more smoothly, but hardly have the energy to implement anything. ha. I appreciated this post: The Lazy Girl's Guide to a Clean Home by Emily Co.

5. And because I can't not link to these posts: This Is Why Morning People Are More Likely To Be Successful (Backed By Science) by David William and 8 Things Successful People Do Day By Dayby Aleksandar Ilic. and 6 Ways To Make Sure You Really, Actually Achieve Your Goals by Elise Cripe on Sarah von Bargen's Small Business Blog. They're all good reads.

I hope you have an excellent weekend. :)

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