Friday, August 7, 2015

salt creek beach // five on friday

summer break diary 2015: week # 8 salt creek beach // five on friday salt creek beach // five on friday salt creek beach // five on friday
Here are some a few more photos of our Salt Creek Beach outing last Friday. I blogged about our summer break diary: week #8 yesterday (including these photos in my memory book).

I have 5+ links I'd like to share with you!

1. I just picked up the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (along with a few others on hold at the library). It's on this list of 10 Books Every Woman Should Read At Least Once In Their Lives by Sumaiya Kabir.

2. This week Nicole Reaves shared a layout of her Portland vacation. She included a printed QR code in her layout to share a video. How clever. I'm relieved she shared a tutorial! ;)

3. It's been a while since I've used tags in my paper crafting or scrapbooking. (I used to be obsessed- see here). I came across Tutorial: Using Tags on A Layout by Kelly Noel on the Studio Calico blog this week. It's time to dust off those tags in my stash.

4. Two from A Beautiful Mess this week. (I can't help myself). First: How to "Palm Springs" Your Home by Elsie Larson. I'm not good at finding repetitive patterns in home decor styles, so I need posts like this to spell it all out for me. This post inspired me to look through my "Home" board on Pinterest and spot the patterns. Second: Tips for Better Black and White Pictures by Janae Hardy. I plan to "study" this post this weekend and take notes.

5. Finally, I came across the site World of Psychology this week and immediately added it to my Feedly reader. (Do you follow me on Feedly?? ;) This post made me think: Value Comes from Within by Patrick Bryant. This is thought-provoking:
"How often do you find yourself comparing your life to others’ on social media? Sometimes we do this subconsciously, not even realizing that we are in the midst of judging and valuing ourselves through others’ achievements. 
 It’s not necessarily all bad to take a long look at ourselves and how we fit into our social groups or overall society. Some people find themselves trying a new look or making some personal changes they may otherwise not consider, simply because they find value in others doing it. The problem sets in when our identity, our internal valuation of self, depends upon others’ validation." Oof.

Hope you have a good one!

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