Friday, August 28, 2015

five on friday

Happy Friday!
book exchange party
My sister Jasmine and I planned a "book exchange birthday" party for our sister Jennifer a couple of years ago. That was a fun party! See it in more detail here. I've been looking through my "Pretty Parties" posts to gather ideas for Juli's and Lani's birthdays next month. Juli is turning 2. Lani is turning 12.

I have 5 links I'd like to share with you!

1. I came across 2 adorable, yet down-to-earth, parties this week, which are inspiring our parties for next month. First: Nikki Mans' celebration for her 11 year old daughter Pazely. An outdoor celebration by the lake?! How fun! Nikki has the best ideas!

2. Second: Natalie Noack's Vintage-Inspired Backyard Birthday Barbeque. She had me at s'mores.

3. Sarah von Bargen discussed 39 Ways To Wring The Last Drops Of Awesome From Your Summer. How many of these ideas can I incorporate into our little celebrations next month??

4. I'll have to document these parties, right?! I'm taking notes from Ann-Marie Espinoza's post: Briar's First Birthday Party Album. That binder from Target's $1 spot is "eeeek!" cute. (That's really cute).

5. Finally and though it's off topic, I couldn't walk away without gushing about morning routines now- could I? How To Create A Morning Routine You'll Love by Mattie James via Sarah's Web Time Wasters. Mattie's post if full of good information and links to other resources. It's a must-read.

Hope you have a good one!

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