Monday, August 31, 2015

august recap

Every month at the end of the month, I recap my monthly activities and goals and link to various personal blog posts. See this year's monthly recaps here. See 2014's monthly recaps here.
august goals
That's it. Today is the last day of August. My girls went back to school this month. I am both sad and relieved. The routine has been nice, but I miss their (typically) happy faces. (Happy if we were doing amusing things. Not so happy if it was time for chores. lol).

We did some fun things this month. We went to Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point. See more pictures of it here.
august recap
We celebrated my brother Joshua's birthday with a superhero, "little kids birthday" party at the end of July, but I shared it on the blog this month. See more pictures of it here.
august recap
The girls and I were invited to a "cute" ;) tea party this month. See more pictures of it here.
summer break diary 2015: week # 9
The sky this month:
august recap
(*Insert heart eyes emoji*)

I documented the last couple of weeks of our summer break in my summer book.
summer break diary 2015: week # 8
See week #8 here.
summer break diary 2015: week # 9
See week #9 here.
summer break diary 2015: week # 10
...and the last week, week #10, here.
summer break diary 2015: week # 10
Last week, I shared the entirety of my book in two parts for easy viewing. See part 1 here and part 2 here.

Speaking of documenting, I asked my sister Jasmine to share her pocket scrapbook / project life book with us. She started sharing this month and will continue to share her book next month. I am really enjoying this series. :)
august recap
See Jasmine's book this month: January here, February here, March here, and April here.

In other news, I added 3 Greek yogurt recipes to my "Greek yogurt 52 ways" project this month.
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 22 cinnamon peaches with cookies
See #22 cinnamon peaches with cookies here.
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 23 ina garten's orange banana smoothie
See #23 orange banana smoothie here.
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 24 yellow summer squash
See #24 yellow summer squash bread here.

All of these recipes were winners. I am r.e.a.l.l.y. enjoying this project!

Finally... I'm ready to share how I did with my August goals. :)
five on friday
  • Do Project "465" (inspired by Jessica O'Brien)
    • I didn't complete this project. I got through 15 days. I plan to continue with this project next month.
  • Do at least 1 fun activity with my girls every day for the rest of their summer break
    • My girls and I got sick towards the beginning of the month, so we missed a couple of days. I consider this goal a success overall though. 
  • Complete our summer memory book
    • Completed!
  • Work through our summer bucket list
  • Reestablish my regular morning routine when my girls start school again 
    • I did well with this. Love my morning routine.
  • Help them reestablish theirs, as well
    • Hm. They have been sticking to my morning routine for them. Whether they realize it or not is a separate matter. ;)
I'll be back tomorrow with my goals for September. See you then! :)