Tuesday, July 21, 2015

summer break diary 2015: week #6

summer break diary 2015 week #6
**My daughters are currently on summer break. Like last year and the year before, we are planning to do one, fun activity with them every day of their summer break. 

(See 2015's summer break activities so far hereSee 2014's summer break activities here and 2013's summer break activities here).

I will be documenting our various projects together and sharing them here on Mondays (typically) and possibly more detailed projects within the week. Read more about how this project got started here.**
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On Sunday (day 37) I woke up early and decided we needed to start redecorating our bedroom and begin the process of switching Lani and Evie to a bigger bedroom (what will be Juli's former baby room) and Juli and Addy into what will be Lani's and Evie's old room. Sorry if I am confusing you. ;) Anyway, to do that, we needed to pick up some furniture my brother was giving away- a bunkbed and a tall set of drawers, which will go in Lani's and Evie's room. He was also giving away a bigger dresser, which my grandma had given to him. I am going to repaint that dresser for our bedroom. So what was fun about day 37? Getting a new bedroom! Woop! (Well starting the process anyway).

On Monday (day 38) I took my girls to the library to return books and check out more books as we do every week.

On Tuesday (day 39) my mom took my girls to the library (again!) for the summer reading program. Then they went back to her house, spent the afternoon and evening with grandma. They helped her cook dinner. They made taquitos, which I had often as a kid. Jesse, my brother-in-law Oscar, my sister Jasmine, and I went to Pieology for dinner.

On Wednesday (day 40) I  gave the girls manicures and pedicures. (Well, I just painted their nails). I painted them 10 different summer colors: shades of pink (including hot pink- my favorite), bright green, purple, blue...

On Thursday (day 41) Jesse took the girls bike riding. I went on a bike ride with my sister. (I still have that foot injury, so I need to stay off of my feet. We rode for 7 miles!) Jesse taught Evie to ride a bike. She picked it up quickly. :)

On Friday (day 42) my mom asked if she could take my girls to her house again this week for embroidery and cooking classes. Hooray for grandma's house.

On Saturday (day 43) we went to the drive in with friends. We watched Minions and Inside Out (I cried AGAIN. All the feelings with this one).

These are my layouts for this week:
summer break diary 2015 week #6
summer break diary 2015 week #6
summer break diary 2015 week #6
Some of my pictures were blurry. I took pictures from snapchat, which I often use to share pictures and videos of my girls with family and friends. Oh well. Documenting the moment is what matters, right?

Supplies and embellishments:
binder from Targetthese 4-pocket page protectorsProject Life grid cards; Heidi Grace "Cheerful Bee" rub ons; Family Ties- Pets acrylic stamp set and black ink from Close To My HeartMe & My Big Ideas stickers; Dear Lizzy roller date stampSn@p! sticker iconsPilot razor point black pen; file tab labels from The Dollar Tree

To note: some of my supplies and embellishments are old and likely retired and/or I don't remember where I got them from, but if I missed something, ask in the comments and I will do my best with figuring out the source. I respond to most comments and questions within the comments section.

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summer break diary 2015 week #6