Wednesday, July 15, 2015

my favorite photo editing app :: VSCO Cam

The VSCO Cam app is my favorite photo editing app. I use it for most of my pictures- those that are in my Project Life book, those which I use on my blog, and those on other social sharing sites like Instagram. Below is a picture I shared on Instagram last night:ABM_1436977864
The paint brush above is where you'll find the app's filters.

I like C3, which is a filter that comes free with the app- some filters can be purchased:
The photo on the left is unfiltered and the photo on the right is filtered so you can compare.

I also like S2- I don't remember if I downloaded those filters as a free download or purchased them inexpensively ($.99 or a couple of dollars at most):
I also like the B3, black and white filter:
I have played with the other filters and tend to like these 3 best. Sometimes I turn down the filter a bit depending on the picture.

I also use other editing features that come with the app:
Select the wrench to access those features. I often change the exposure/brightness of the photo.

Sometimes I crop my photos right in the app:
After all of that, I left that photo as it was for Instagram last night. ha. ;) #nofilter. I did crop it though.

I invite you to download the app if you haven't already. It may seem a little intimidating if you haven't played with it, yet, but you'll catch on in no time and you'll be pleased with the enhancements to your photos.

I am always looking to improve my photos. I appreciated these posts I came across recently. First: How To Create Bright and Sharp iPhone Photos by Elsie Larson. I have a Galaxy 4, but I still found her post very useful. I often use her tip to clean the lens (they obviously smudge as we're holding our phones for most of the day!). She also discussed how she uses the VSCO Cam app. Second: Kelly Purkey shared how she uses the VSCO Cam app in her post Tutorial: Editing Photos On Your Phone. She mentions how she uses the temperature feature to adjust the white balance of her photos. I need to play with that feature more.

What photo editing apps do you use? Which are your favorites?