Monday, July 20, 2015

greek yogurt 52 ways #21: mini chocolate mousse pie

If you're following along, I will be sharing summer break 2015 week #6 tomorrow. :)

I recently discovered Yoplait's Greek Yogurt Whips. Each cup is exactly as advertised- Greek yogurt that has been whipped so it has a mousse-like consistency. There are multiple flavors (see here), but my favorites are strawberry cheesecake, vanilla cupcake, key lime pie, and coconut macaroon (some are not on the website). I also like Yoplait's Yogurt Whips, which are made with regular yogurt. See here. A flavor that the regular yogurt has that the Greek yogurt varieties don't is chocolate mousse. To whom it may concern, I think it's time to add chocolate mousse to the Greek Yogurt Whips. Until then...
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 21 chocolate mousse pie
We'll make our own Greek yogurt chocolate mousse pie. For this dessert, gently fold one chocolate mousse yogurt with 1/2 a container of Greek Yogurt Whips- coconut macaroon (vanilla cupcake would work, too). Spoon the mousse into an already prepared mini graham cracker crust. Garnish with whipped cream and cocoa powder.
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 21 mini chocolate mousse pie
This dessert is especially nostalgic for me. When Evie was born more than 9 years ago, she cried all night that first night at the hospital. It was heart breaking and exhausting. That morning after she had finally fallen asleep and I had taken a nap, the hospital brought me a slice of chocolate mousse pie. It tasted like nothing I'd ever had... kind of like my-baby-just-cried-all-night-I'm-gonna-cry-into-this-delicious-chocolate-mousse-pie. Have you ever tried that before?? ;)
greek yogurt 52 ways: # 21 mini chocolate mousse pie
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