Friday, July 24, 2015

five on friday

five on friday
(On Fridays my sister Jasmine has the day off. She comes over and Project Lifes- yeah, I'm using it as a verb. I love her pretty "mess.")

Anywhooo, happy Friday! I have 5+ links to share with you. :)

1. I'm back to talking about morning routines. (See my original post about this topic here). This week, I read "6 Morning Rituals Healthy And Successful People Do Every Day" by Osha Key. I'm all for tip #5: "Plan your day before starting work or running errands." I  find that I do get sidetracked, but my morning plan refocuses me.

2. You already know I'm a fan of A Beautiful Mess. This week Elsie Larson discussed "Home Decor 101: Decorating With Your Other Half." Jesse and I usually align in our home decor tastes, but sometimes he gives me sideway glances. ;) This is good advice, in general: "Learn to be a master of compromise and always keep an open mind!"

3. I like all of that which is home decor and home organization related popping up in my feed lately. This week Sasha Brodeur from Lemonade Makin Mama shared "Organized Summer, Vol. 1- 'Ten Minute Drawer Fix.'" Jen Jones from IHeart Organizing shared "Making the Most of Your Home Decor." Have you seen their homes?? They're stunning! See Sasha's here and Jen's here.

4. I'm all about home decor/organization and photography lately. This is another post from Elsie Larson this week: "How I Resize Photos For My Scrapbooks." She shared a helpful video. My sister Jasmine guest posted for me this week, and she shared how she digitally crops and resizes her photos. Great minds! See that post here.

5. Still photo related: Azzari Jarrett has a series called "Photo Life" on her blog. I'm a fan. This week she discussed "Finding Your Creative Voice." I'm inspired by this: "Don't stop because your work does not look like theirs, your work brings your unique perspective to the table." One more post about photos because I can't help myself... Stephanie Bryan's "10 Ideas for Summer Photos" is useful! Beach photos coming to a blog near you. ;)

Hope you have a good one!

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five on friday