Friday, July 10, 2015

five on friday

It's Friday! I have 5 links (well, more) that I'd like to share with you.

1. Some weeks ago, I shared My Top 10 Favorite Memory Keepers / Pocket Scrapbookers on Instagram. I'd like to add 2 more to that list. First:
Nicole Reeves @nicolereaves
five on friday
I've been following Nicole on Instagram for a few weeks and her blog, as well. I've actually linked to her before for Five on Friday (see here). Aside from her paper crafting, I also enjoy her posts about goal-setting. Nicole's Instagram profile says, "wife + mama / michigander / project-lifer / mini-book maker / coffee lover / obsessive list maker."

2. Second:
Azzari Jarrett @azzarijarrett
five on friday
I am very new to Azzari's work. I just started following her on Instagram within the last few weeks and started following her blog just this week. Her pictures are beautiful and refreshing. I'm happy I came across her work! Azzari's Instagram profile says, "I design, document, and shoot - mostly with film. Wife and mama of 3."

3. To change direction- I'd like to pick up a few of these: 30 Beach Reads via PureWow and, obviously, head to the beach.

4. This one wasn't included in the list above, but it's a must-read: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I read it all in one day, but am currently rereading my favorite parts. I'm excited for the sequel After You being released in September and the movie Me Before You expected to release in June 2016.

5. Finally, these healthy habits can be started at any age (though I am in my 30s): 12 Healthy Habits to Start in Your 30s by Sarah Lipoff.

And that's that. :) Hope you have an excellent weekend!

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