Thursday, July 16, 2015

currently in july

currently in july
looking forward to redecorating our bedroom- we're finally taking baby steps in that direction; a beach trip coming up; reading in the evenings; a getaway with Jesse in a few months; going to the drive-in this weekend

talking about American history. Random. I know. We watched the historical fiction Sons of Liberty with Jesse because I lost a bet. ha. It wasn't so bad though. I feel like I should know more about American history than I do. Especially when I'm thinking... "Paul Revere?* I should definitely know who this is for the test!"
*The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon's sketch Ew! is hysterical

working on a recipe book for my 52 sandwiches project, which I completed last year (pictured); crossing items off of my daily, to-do list; tracking meals, snacks, BLTs (bites, licks, and tastes)

eating/drinking spinach smoothies; tater tots; Del Taco's strawberry lemonade; breakfast for dinner; vanilla caramel coffee e'ery day

wearing top knots; my favorite, brown sandals (I have them in white, too); nude nail polish

reading The Driftless Area (haven't gotten into it). Zooey Deschanel is starring in the movie adaptation.

watching (well, watched) for the kids (and me) Inside Out (cutest ever) and for the adults The Judge (really good)

thinking about so many home renovations (you know- all of those things that are not in the budget); postgraduate school; a change of scenery

wanting to go night swimming; watch a movie at the park; exercise comfortably (without this pain in my foot!)

needing to take a breather; go to a bookstore/coffee shop and just be; go on a picnic; kick up my feet (I have an injury, I said! ;)

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