Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10 tips for catching up with project life

I recently caught up with my pocket scrapbook // Project Life book. What what?! And I've been keeping up with my smaller, summer break book, as well. I've been sharing my progress here on my blog for the last couple of months. Click on any picture to be directed to the original blog post(s):
january 2015 & february 2015 :: pocket memory keeping // project life
march 2015 :: pocket memory keeping // project life
april 2015 :: pocket memory keeping // project life
may 2015 :: pocket memory keeping // project life
june & july 2015 pocket memory keeping // project life
I'd like to share my tips for catching up if you're behind.
10 tips for catching up with project life
[Harley Quinn and Co. 2015 calendar]

1. Allot a particular amount of time to Project Life every day or a couple of times a week
If I would have done this in the first place, I wouldn't have been in this mess. A couple of times when I was catching up, I went to the library on Sunday and stayed for a couple of hours (until they kicked me out at closing time). It was peaceful and I enjoyed the process. This is supposed to a fun hobby after all. Make this hobby a priority to catch up (or stay on track).

2. Document your favorite pictures and file or delete the rest
Memory keeping is more fun when you document what you actually want to document- not what you feel you "have to" document. Your favorite pictures will inspire you to work.

3. Don't overthink things and/or create more work for yourself
In the past, I have written a first draft of what I want to journal and then I'd journal my final draft (to avoid making mistakes that I'd make anyway). Well, that's time consuming and you're trying to catch up here. And it doesn't have to be that complicated. Journal and go. (If you make a mistake, it's okay!)

4. Create a checklist of what needs to be done and celebrate the big accomplishments
Sorting through all of my pictures and selecting what I want to document is the most daunting task of all for me. I was so proud to have finally sorted through hundreds of photos!

5. Don't get ahead of yourself- work on one task at a time
This is to avoid feeling overwhelmed. At the beginning, I would think, "I have several months to complete!! AAAAH"! I started to think, "I have January (one month) to complete. That's it." I would focus on one month at a time.

6. Simplify your process as much as possible
What did that look like for me? First, I used this weekly cards printable. They saved me so much time. I used to use stickers, stamps, etc. to create an insert for each week. They were cute, but time consuming. Again, you're trying to catch up here. Remember that as you work. Second, I used my favorite page protector as often as possible. Go with what works for you. Third, I tried not to over embellish. I would get stuck feeling like I "had to" embellish more. You don't have to do anything. This is your book! That said...

7. Don't compare your layouts/ your book to others' layouts/ books
Sure, get inspired, but don't feel bad about your work. That'll cripple your progress. Consider that this scrapbooker might be a "professional scrapbooker." She's working with a company (her own or somebody else's) that is trying to sell a product. Don't compare your work with hers. Your motives are different. And girl, your layouts are way cute.

8. If you have a social media account, make a goal/ set a deadline and share it with others
This will help pressure you into action. #makeitpublic #makeithappen

9. Share your progress with others, as well, by sharing pictures on your social media account(s)
Workspace Wednesday is a good time to share what you're working on. As you complete your spreads, share them with others. You'll inspire yourself and them.

10. Enjoy the process- this is a hobby after all
Yes, you are the family historian (ha!), but don't take it so seriously. This is supposed to fun. :)

If you have them, share your tips in the comments! :)

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