Monday, June 15, 2015

summer break diary 2015

Welcome back. :)

This summer, like the past two summers, I plan to do one, fun activity with my daughters every day of their summer break. I plan to share our activities here once a week. As I've said, the point of this project is to keep busy and avoid a "bummer summer" as Judy Moody would say. ;)

I plan to document our various projects/fun outings together and share them here on Mondays (I will be sharing week 1 tomorrow) and sometimes more detailed projects/tutorials within the week. See all of our 2014 summer break activities here. See all of our 2013 summer break activities here.
our vacation // the saguaro palm springs
summer break week no. 7
paper dolls
summer break week no. 4

our vacation // the saguaro palm springs
laguna beach
paper circus
bubble paint
summer break week no. 4
ice cream!
summer break week no. 4
vacation (day 26) 7
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This project is inspired by Nikki at Whimsy Love. I often look through her diaries for inspiration. (2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013).

My girls' summer break started last week. I'll be sharing week 1 of our break tomorrow. See you then. :)