Tuesday, June 30, 2015

june recap

Every month at the end of the month, I recap my monthly activities and goals and link to various personal blog posts. See this year's monthly recaps here. See 2014's monthly recaps here.
june goals on the blog!
(Printable calendar from Jillian McClenahan)

June was short, yet eventful. Here's some of what I shared on my blog this month...
june recap
This month I had intended to completely catch up with my 2015 memory book. I got through January, February, March, printed all of the pictures for April, and printed pictures for half of May. I'm so close. I still have the rest of today, right?? I'll let you know if I was able to finish by today. :) Either way, I'll be sharing my layouts for April and May in early July.
june recap
This month I added 3 new Greek yogurt recipes to my Greek yogurt 52 ways project:
#17 shortbread strawberry crumble (gotta try this one!)
#18 s'more
#19 spinach smoothie (I attribute losing 4 lbs this month partially to having this smoothie!)
june recap
This month was my girls' first month of summer break. We have done something fun every day. They seem to be enjoying themselves. Keep up with summer break activities here.
june recap
I've been keeping up with my summer book and share my layouts here every week. See here. I plan to do this again in July.
june goals on the blog!
As far as my goals for June, this is how I did:

  • Catch up with my 2015 pocket memory book / Project Life book
  • I'm so, so close. I still have the rest of today, right?!
  • Do at least 1 fun activity with my girls every day when their summer break begins
  • Yup!
  • Begin our summer memory book and keep up 
  • Yup!
  • Work through our spring cleaning list (we're okay with this turning into a summer bucket list) 
  • We did a few things. Could've, should've, would've done some more.

    I'll be back tomorrow to share my goals for July. See you then. :)

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