Monday, June 1, 2015

june goals

It's June!
june goals on the blog!
(Printable calendar from Jillian McClenahan) (thank you!)

My girls summer break is starting this month. I'm both excited and nervous because we will definitely be having tons of fun together, but undoubtedly we'll be getting on each others' nerves from time to time, as well. Ha. :)

This month I have a few goals. These are it:
  • Catch up with my 2015 pocket memory book / Project Life book
  • Do at least 1 fun activity with my girls every day when their summer break begins
  • Begin our summer memory book and keep up 
  • Work through our spring cleaning list (we're okay with this turning into a summer bucket list) 
june goals on the blog!
I'm looking forward to crossing those things off like a boss. What are your goals this month? Or... how are your new year resolutions looking? Don't beat yourself up if you haven't been dedicated to them. Start fresh this month! :)

Need help goal-setting? Read my goal-setting series in 4 parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

These are my ongoing goals from previous months... I'm not just listing them for kicks. They really are ongoing goals! ;)

Ongoing goals from May:
Ongoing goals from April:
  • Not only track my meals and snacks regularly (I did this successfully in March), but stay within my points (calorie count) for weight loss [I'm currently using Weight Watchers online tools/food tracker, but I have used a regular, ole, food journal and pen. See here.]
  • Prepare our garden // plant fruits and vegetables Tend to our garden- see it here!
Ongoing goals from March:
Ongoing goals from February:
Ongoing goals from January:
  • Eat healthy desserts [see my work in progress here]
  • Read at least 15 minutes every day [See my current reading project here]
  • Document some of our family's favorite recipes 
Notice that I dropped several of my previous "ongoing goals" and modified a few of them. Some are not as important or relevant as they once were and some needed modifying.

If you made it to the end, bravo! sticker for you. :)