Friday, June 26, 2015

five on friday

If you keep up with me, sorry for missing my post yesterday. "Real life" can be chaotic sometimes. I'm sure you understand. ;)

five on friday
I have 5 links I'd like to share with you!

1. Nina Christensen shared a DIY String Closure For Your Traveler's Notebook | Tutorial. Notebooks with string closures look so sophisticated. Don't you think?? 

2. If I'm going to take blog advice from anybody, it's definitely going to be from Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess. They just shared Our Top 12 Posts About Blogging this week. Mandi's distressed wood backdrop is still on my list of things to do.

3. Yeah, I could use help with this! 15 Productivity Hacks For Stay-At-Home-Moms by Katarina Milovanovic. I am working on getting up earlier (tip #1) even now that they're not in school. It's easy to hit the snooze button, but I feel like a saner mom when I've had time to myself in the morning. Also, I need to have this printed and framed: "Embrace the chaos and concentrate on other things."

4. I agree with this: "When your partner is humorous, life is just brighter, funnier, less stressful and you feel so much better. A sulky or bad tempered partner just cannot compete" via 10 Reasons Humorous People Are Amazing Partners by Robert Locke. Have you met my husband Jesse??

5. Finally, 24 Free Things Extremely Happy People Do Every Day by Sarah Lipoff. It's a good list! I need to work on #7 "Accept praise," #8 "Take nothing for granted," and #18 "Let go of grudges." Oof.

Hope you have a good one!

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